JSC "PMP" has internal quality management system certified for compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 9001:2015 in national accreditation system Rosakkreditaciya, accreditation system IAF (International Accreditation Forum) – accreditation body ACCREDIA (Italy), and international network of partner certification bodies IQNet, that includes lead certifying organizations in 33 countries of the world and continuously expands to mutual recognition


Strategic goal

To maintain stability and to become highly productive and globally competitive engineering organization

The main indicator of JSC "PMP" work quality is satisfaction of its customers. Customers’ opinion on our capability to completely fulfill their needs in provided products and services, as well as our intention to exceed their expectations are the deciding factors in image building of the organization as a reliable partner and in our success on the market. Understanding of future needs and expectations of customers and other concerned parties is a contribution to stable success of the organization.

With the above in view, we are committed to ensure:

  • high quality level of design developments and services with regard to present and future needs of our Customers;
  • confidence of Clients, Customers and Subcontractors and other concerned parties in productive cooperation with us;
  • safety of designed facilities according to current requirements and minimization of risks of man-made impact on the environment in order to comply with requirements of Russian Federation laws and normative documentation;
  • creating and maintaining work environment, in which employees are fully involved in achieving goals of organization, as well as in quality management process itself;
  • stable economical growth of the organization, expansion of its opportunities aimed to receive competitive advantages on local and international markets;
  • optimization of expenses and resources along with complete fulfillment of specified quality requirements.

The goals are achieved by means of:

  • leadership of both top management and head of each department in activities related to quality improvement, continuous demonstration of attitude to quality improvement based on personal example and involvement of personnel in assurance of quality management system results;
  • systematic analysis of Customers’ needs and expectations, timely taking measures to ensure its fulfillment;
  • building of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with suppliers (Subcontractors);
  • personal responsibility of managers at all levels and each employee for the quality of performed work;
  • continuous improvement of engineering process and project management based on newest information technologies in order to reduce the expenses, to minimize design period and to ensure growth of competitive capabilities;
  • coordination and approval of design work in state authorities;
  • compliance of design products with current technical regulations, standards, codes of practice as well as with standards and rules of self-regulating organization;
  • regular training and advanced vocational training of all personnel, timely certification of specialists on industrial safety;
  • maintaining, effective use and further gaining of experience and knowledge of organization;
  • creating conditions for maximum development of personnel professional capabilities by means of establishing employees’ motivation system and rewards for efficient work;
  • fulfillment of social needs for Company's employees;
  • advancing of corporate culture, creating of safe and healthy environment at each work place;
  • continuous improvement of applicability, adequacy and effectiveness of quality management system.


JSC "PMP" management takes full responsibility for implementation of quality assurance policy, its understanding and support of quality priorities by every employee of the company.